In this blog, we’ll talk about the JavaScript Fetch API and how to use it to make asynchronous HTTP requests.

The Fetch API is a modern interface that allows you to make HTTP requests to servers from web browsers.

If you have worked with XMLHttpRequest (XHR) object, the Fetch API can perform all the tasks as the XHR object does.

In addition, the Fetch API is much simpler and cleaner. It uses the Promise to deliver more flexible features to make requests to servers from the web browsers.

The fetch() method is available in the global scope that instructs the…

Data structures, amongst other things, are used to store and organize data. Different types of data are more efficiently organized using particular data structures.

Trees are non-linear data structures which are quite often used to represent hierarchical data such as the employee organizational structure in a company.

Structure of a Tree

A tree is a collection of entities called nodes (represented as circles in our diagrams) are linked together with an edge to simulate a hierarchical structure. Each node contains data that can be of any type as long as all the nodes contain the same type of data.

Components of a Tree

Root: A node with no…

Concepts and Examples.

Object-Oriented Programming is a concept that is usually taught in one of the initial lessons or courses in computer science. This is because it lies the foundation for how upcoming languages will work (fundamentally). As for myself, I was taught this approach and its fundamentals right before diving into Ruby.

The best way to describe OOP in simple terms is that it’s all about creating objects that contain both data and methods. It refers to a type of software design in which the programmer defines the data type of a data structure and also the types of…

This week I decided to backtrack from front-end development for a bit to brush up my Ruby on Rails skills (mainly to test if I may have forgotten anything). Thus, I began an Instagram clone application that includes all CRUD fundamentals. Not to my surprise(well, maybe kind of) I sailed through implementing CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality on my app. Once I was done, I was looking through it to see what new features I could add (apart from styling) that were both new to me — so an excuse to learn — and can make the user experience…

What it is and why use it.

Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short, is broadly defined as the automatic manipulation of natural language, like speech and text, by software.

The study of natural language processing has been around for more than 50 years and grew out of the field of linguistics with the rise of computers.

In this post, you will discover what natural language processing is and why it is so important.

After reading this post, you will know (hopefully):

  • What natural language is and how it is different from other types of data.
  • What makes working with…

The sliding window algorithm is used to perform the required operation on a specific window size of a given large buffer or array. The window starts from the 1st element and keeps shifting right by one element. The objective is to find the minimum k numbers present in each window. This is commonly known as the Sliding Window problem or algorithm.

For example, to find the maximum or minimum element from every n element in a given array, a sliding window algorithm is used.


Input Array: [1 3 -1 -3 5 3 6 7]

Window Size: 3

A maximum

A quick summary and intro (simplified)

Docker: a tool that can package software into containers that run reliably in any environment. But, what is a container and why do you need one? Let’s imagine we build an app with Cobol that runs on some weird flavor of Linux; you want to share this app with your friend, but he has an entirely different system. So the problem becomes: How do we replicate the environment our software needs on any machine?

One way to package an app is with a virtual machine, where the hardware is simulated, then installed with the…

Firebase Authentication…using Google(for free)

I recently completed a chat application closely mapping Whatsapp web to play around with realtime web-chats and navigate different ways of user authentication. Interestingly enough, integrating google authentication was one of the quicker/easier parts of my application!

Here I will walk through what all I had to do (and what I didn’t have to do) to simply implement google auth to sign into my application.

Firebase defines its user authentication as:

“Aims to make building secure authentication systems easy, while improving the sign-in and onboarding experience for end users. …

Given a graph and a source vertex in the graph, find shortest paths from source to all vertices in the given graph.

One algorithm for finding the shortest path from a starting node to a target node in a weighted graph is Dijkstra’s algorithm. The algorithm creates a tree of shortest paths from the starting vertex, the source, to all other points in the graph.

Dijkstra’s algorithm, published in 1959 and named after its creator Dutch computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra, can be applied on a weighted graph. The graph can either be directed or undirected. …

What are they? And when are they useful.

This week I put some time aside to study and garner a deeper understanding of a certain data structure that we weren’t taught in bootcamp — but comes up quite often in interview practice questions: binary trees or more specifically binary search trees. This to me, was a completely new data structure although implemented using basic class methods and also functions similar to arrays or lists the overall knowledge I had was scarce.

So what are trees? And what are binary trees?

A tree is a simple set to display data. As programmers, we commonly see this when thinking about the…

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